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Jennie Rutz head shot photo

I'm searching for meaning in a world full of contradictions and contrasts.


These themes play recurring roles in my life and paintings:


Freedom vs Entrapment, Wild vs Civilized, Exposure vs Mystery, Natural vs Man-made, Imagination vs Reality, and Male vs Female

My life is full of contrasts-

I grew up with three sisters, although when I was young I was a dedicated tomboy.

Although was born and raised in the Canadian badlands, I feel most at home on the beach. 

​I fulfilled my childhood dream in becoming a classical animator but I eventually had to face reality- I felt trapped in my life and needed to break free.

​I left orderly Canada behind in pursuit of self discovery in chaotic Italy, a land of extreme contrasts, and a place that runs in my bloodline.

Surfing brought me to Australia where I started a new adventure in motherhood. 

I now live in Maroochydore with my eight year old daughter.


Jennie Rutz hanging a canvas picture
Sketch of Malala Yousafzai
Malala Fund Logo

I'm inspired by the COURAGE of women to be true to themselves, despite all the conflicting influences surrounding us.


My business has donated over $1300 USD to the MALALA FUND, an organization that advocates 12 years of education for every girl on the planet.


Malala is a Pakistani woman who had the courage to stand up to the Taliban at fifteen years old. She spoke out and continued to attend school after it had been outlawed for girls, and as a result was targeted and shot in the head while riding home on the bus. She miraculously survived and now safely lives in England where she campaigns for girls education around the world. 

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