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Chapter 3: The Beach

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

She has now seated herself on the sand, with a backdrop that includes both The Charleston, which she visited in the previous chapter, and picturesque Monte Pellegrino.

In front of her, the pristine water of the Tyrrhenian Sea gently laps at her feet, inviting her in.

Enjoying the sound of the water, the sun on her skin, and the fresh sea air, she feels peaceful and content.

She has yet to notice the handsome bather exiting the water. But he has certainly noticed her...

While all the original paintings from this series titled "It Happened in Mondello." found homes in Palermo, prints are available on my site in 2 formats. Either as one page laid out as a double spread with the title at the bottom (above), or as a set of two images (below).

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