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Chapter 5: The Villa

She's back on solid ground, recharging at her accommodation, the beautiful Villino Gregorietti.

This villa, located on the corner of Piazza Valdesi, was designed by Sicilian architect Ernesto Basile in "Liberty style", the Italian variant of Art Nouveau. The bottom floor can still be rented as accommodation today.

Immersed in a magazine, she's enjoying her perceived solitude. But she has another admirer, this time from above...

The last chapter in this series of paintings "It Happened in Mondello", is unique in that the two paintings were designed vertically rather than horizontally.

This image completes her tour around the main sites of Mondello although more than likely the drama and potential romances continued to unfold...

While all the original paintings from this series titled "It Happened in Mondello" found homes in Palermo, prints are available on my site in 2 formats. Either as one page laid out as a double spread with the title at the bottom (above), or as a set of two images (below).

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