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Free the Mermaids

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

I'm often asked "Why Mermaids?"⁠

Mermaids are clearly part animal and part human, and even though I don't have a tail I feel that I also have these two components. The human part is controlled, refined, and disciplined. The animal part is natural, wild, and instinctual. ⁠

During the period of my life when I lived in Toronto, I felt very "human", so much so I think I started to border on "robot". I was productive, super disciplined, and detached from nature. During the period of my life when I lived in Italy, I was much more "animal". I woke up without an alarm clock, spent a lot of time in the sea, laying in the grass or climbing trees, and I often left my house to go exploring without having any agenda or schedule. I feel like the world we currently live in wants us to be more human than animal but like everything in life, we need to find balance to thrive and fulfill our potential. ⁠

Seeing a mermaid anchored down seems cruel and tragic; it's obvious that mermaids should be free! She's so young and beautiful and smart and passionate and has all the potential inside her, but she can't fulfill it because she's restrained. ⁠

These restraints can be external like rules, the circumstances of our lives, or what's expected of us. They can also be internal; our own limiting beliefs and false programming about who we are and what we expect from ourselves. This internal anchor is heavy but also the one we have the complete power to detach from. ⁠

What's holding you back from following your heart in this very moment? I would love to hear your answers <3<3<3⁠

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