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It Happened in Mondello.

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

In 2014 while living in Palermo, Sicily, I created a 5 Chapter series of acrylic paintings entitled " It happened in Mondello".

Mondello is the beloved beach neighborhood of Palermo, featuring white sand and crystal clear water, beautiful architecture, colorful locals, fresh seafood, and beautiful Monte Pellegrino on the south-eastern end of the bay.

I created the paintings based on photographs I took of iconic areas in the neighborhood combined with photos of my sister, to create scenes of a foreign woman vacationing in Sicily as I imagined it in the 1960s. The common theme

In every pair of paintings representing a chapter, the woman features in one painting and a Sicilian man who has had his interest piqued features in the other, creating scenes of beauty and romantic suspense.

While the original paintings all found homes in Palermo, prints are now available through my online shop.

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