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Lost in the Background

Her stylish outfit contrasts with the derelict background, yet the colours and pose allow her blend in. The colourful graffiti designs echo the themes of the woman and her dress as she becomes part of it. Perhaps she left the house dressed for attention and now needs some time out from the spotlight. Or perhaps these surroundings weren’t where she expected to end up and now she needs to pause and regroup.

We’ve all had days like this when the outfit we chose to leave the house in no longer matches our state of mind or surroundings down the track. Like the time I had an allergic reaction to cheap vodka at the start of a night out and broke out in a fiery red rash! My friends still persuaded me to go out but I didn’t feel the same, even after the rash faded away. I preferred to be a wallflower at the club that night even if my outfit suggested otherwise.

Are you usually a wallflower or in the spotlight?

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