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Mermaid Couture

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

As a kid I remember seeing old pictures of my parents dressed in clownish 70s fashions and asking my mom "How could you wear such ridiculous clothes??" She explained that's what was in style at the time and probably someone would look back on what we were wearing in that moment and think it was strange. As a self-conscious kid I really didn't like that thought! How foolish I would feel, thinking that what I was wearing was cool only to have it appear completely ridiculous to someone in the future.⁠

As women we know that what we wear influences how we feel, and how we feel influences what we wear. So in a way, fearless fashion makes us more confident, and the more confident we feel, the more fearless we are in our fashion choices. It's like an upward spiral.⁠

This overly accessorized 80s influenced outfit is made even more impractical by the fact that it's worn by a mermaid, like the absurdity of dressing your dog up in a tuxedo. Yet she is owning it and her confidence turns the ridiculous into fabulous. The fact that she's a mermaid becomes secondary. ⁠

What's your favorite ridiculous yet fabulous clothing item? ⁠

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