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Mermaid Out of Water

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

At the beginning of college I remember having a rather strict set of fashion rules that I had set out for myself which were within my very limited comfort zone at the time, both physical and mental. When my boyfriend encouraged me to try different styles, I resisted at first... and then the door started to open up. It was liberating to wear clothes that I didn't perceive as "me", and it helped pave the way to breaking down boundaries around the other things my ego was holding so tightly onto.

Although venturing outside my fashion comfort zone was liberating mentally, it wasn't always liberating physically, quite the opposite! Wearing ill-fitting shoes, awkward high heels, dresses that need constant adjusting, pants that dig in when you sit, or tights that don't allow you to digest, takes some conditioning! Interestingly, superficial articles of clothing can be vehicles of deeper self exploration because we all take our clothes off at the end of the day.

I think it's so strange that humans take the basic need of clothing to extravagant extremes and I'm fascinated by my own contradicting compulsions around this; because while I love all the dazzling shapes and colours and textures of fashion, underneath I'm a nature girl and feel happiest at the beach.

This mermaid has ventured onto land, and is looking beautifully refined, glamorous, exquisite. Yet she appears to be suffering. She belongs underwater. Being in the ocean is necessary for her survival and it's where she belongs, so why does she reject it?

Because it's impossible to be this immaculate and polished living underwater. Perhaps only by pushing herself to this point of suffering will she come to discover, understand, accept, and love her home, her journey, her self, her truth...

Is there an article of clothing you are willing to suffer for?

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