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Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Italian / verb / present tense / third person singular

This verb is used in multiple ways in Italian:

1. to stretch out (one's arms etc)

2. to spread out (a tablecloth, blanket)

3. to hang up (the laundry)

4. to roll out (pasta)

5. to floor (a person, with a blow)

6. to draw up (a document)

These actually all feel relevant to me in relation to this painting although most notably would be #1, stretching out her arms, #2, spreading out the shirt, and #3, hanging the laundry.

I decided to use this image to represent my business as it encompasses a number of concepts that entice me such as:

Natural vs Man-Made: The contrast between the natural sky and clouds with the lavish chandelier and armchair.

Freedom vs Entrapment: The bright inviting exterior contrasts with the dim and confining interior, the bars of the balcony adding to the feeling of imprisonment.

Also the idea of being entrapped by domestic chores, possibly including #4, making pasta? I bet she'd rather be at the beach.

Exposure vs Mystery: Her face is concealed yet she's exposing most of her body outside in very little clothing.

In the case that someone is observing her from the outside, are they #5, floored?

Wild vs Civilized: While she partakes in this very civilized human activity of washing clothing she's left mostly in her skin, the wild part which humans invented clothing to cover.

This concept of wild/civilized is also one of the things I find so interesting about Italy. While it has a strong culture (civilized) there is also so much chaos (wild!).

The composition relates to these ideas as well with many straight, perpendicular lines (civilized, man-made) contrasting with the irregular curves of the clothing and washing line (wild, natural).

Now I have just drawn up (#6) a very comprehensive analysis of this painting!

It is only recently that I've become conscious of these themes in my art and it's quite interesting to see them reoccur without my awareness. I would love to understand why I'm so intrigued by these concepts....perhaps they encompass my inner struggles?

"Stende" is available as framed and canvas prints in both the original and cropped versions.

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