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"The Tree that Bends Doesn't Break"


Acrylic on Canvas painting measures 61 x 61cm

Eucalypt float frame measures 64 x 64 cm to outer edges, 5.5cm deep


I was inspired by this phrase which was on a yoga calendar hanging on my fridge last year. I wanted to capture this message before the month ended so immortalized it (hopefully!) in this painting. 


If you are soft and flexible, you are actually stronger than something hard and rigid. Things that are rigid break in the wind and it is hard to put something back together that is broken. If you can be fluid and able to bend and adapt, you will be able to weather the storm and spring back into place after it passes.

Stress makes us so tense and rigid! When we are stressed we try to control things even more to compensate, but this restriction actually makes us more tense and prone to breakage. So rather than control, like futile trees in the storm, the objective is resilience.


The  colors and movement of the palm create an airy and uplifting vibe. 






The Tree that Bends Original Painting

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