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Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Sola ( Italian/ feminine adjective )- Alone

Whenever I arrive at the beach, regardless of the conditions, I feel an instant calm wash over me. My body automatically takes a deep breath, and I feel more present. The longer I stay there, the more I’m able to relax, unwind, and reconnect. It’s like time no longer exists…..until suddenly it does again and I’m running late!

This space without time is so important to recharge; letting go and forgetting about everyone and everything else in order to tap into something greater. Although when we have other people depending on us, this may not come without some guilt. Guilt for not wanting our loved ones with us every minute, guilt for forgetting them in these moments, guilt for letting go of our responsibilities as if we don’t appreciate them, guilt of self-indulgence.

Unfortunately this guilt is counter-productive to all the benefits! We need to reframe this concept from frivolous self indulgence to compulsory self optimization, knowing that we’ll come back to our lives and responsibilities more clear, calm, gentle, connected, intuitive, and appreciative.

This painting is titled ‘Sola’ which is the feminine adjective for ‘Alone’ in Italian. For me, the pleasures of sun on bare skin, the sound of waves, and being alone with the vast ocean are unsurpassed.

How do you recharge?


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