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Updated: Sep 14, 2022

During one stage of my life, I think I subconsciously avoided nature.

Living in a big city, it’s quite easy to do.

On some level I knew that if I was to slow down and open up, this would derail me from my focus of achieving and striving for success. Inside that wasn’t what truly mattered to me, but what I felt I needed to do, and in order to stay on track it was necessary to buckle down and eliminate distractions.

I used to be quite black and white; all or nothing. This is actually a lot simpler than trying to navigate through the messy sea of greys! But this constant exploration is where we can grow and evolve.

Escaping to nature allows me to connect to my true nature. It feels a bit rebellious. Society would prefer us to keep our heads down and feed the machine, earning money just to spend it in attempts to fill the void. In escaping to nature, we can face this void.

I imagine the young girl in the painting escaping from the city after work, drawn to the ocean in search of guidance, comfort, connection, and meaning. Away from all the influences of society, maybe she can feel what’s really inside her.

What or who do you turn to for guidance?

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